Hybridize or Disappear


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Hybridize or Disappear 

Cecile B Evans | Neil Beloufa | Antoine Catala | Diogo Evangelista | Oliver Laric | Shana Moulton | Katja Novitskova | Laure Prouvost | Magali Reus

Curatorship: João Laia

The exhibition looks at how contemporary visual culture has been progressively mutating towards models where seemingly opposite dimensions come together to create hybrid forms: material and virtual, textual and objectual, organic and artificial, consumerism and spirituality have been merging and blurring previously defined boundaries. Hybridize or Disappear analyses artistic practices where the visual is handled as matter and brought into a dialogue with sculptural forms. Objects become images and images become objects in a process that surpasses pure visuality towards a more expanded engagement with the visual where the body holds a central position, becoming a depicted object as well as an instrument of interaction.

João Laia


    2015-04-08 19h00
    Opening of the exhibition
    2015-05-20 18h30
    Guided tour with João Laia
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