Shop and Coffee Shop


MNAC stores provide visitors with merchandising created by national designers in relation to the Museum's collection and also to those of other museums, palaces and monuments under the supervision of DGPC.
Visitors will find objects developed in partnership with Portuguese companies, within the scope of the museum’s exhibitions, as it happened with the company A Vida Portuguesa.

Museum’s books and catalogues are available, as well as those of other institutions under the supervision of DGPC. We also offer you a selection of editions on art, museums, architecture, and on books for children.

Both Shops / Bookstores operate within the opening hours to the public and are accessible through the Mu.seum's two entrances:
Rua Serpa Pinto, 4
Capelo Street, 13

The DGPC's online catalog can be consulted at

Friends of the Museum enjoy a 10% discount on items sold in our store

Coffee Shop

Due to logistical constraints, MNAC’s cafeteria is closed.
We apologize for the inconvenience and we are pleased to inform that a project for a requalification is in process.
We continue to work to provide you with a more comfortable and enjoyable visit.