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Hybridize or Disappear 

Cecile B Evans | Neil Beloufa | Antoine Catala | Diogo Evangelista | Oliver Laric | Shana Moulton | Katja Novitskova | Laure Prouvost | Magali Reus

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2015-04-08 19h00
Opening of the exhibition

Opening of the exhibition Hybridize or Disappear, Wednesday, April , 8th, 7 pm.

Hybridize or Disappear looks at artistic practices where the visual is handled as matter and brought into a dialogue with sculptural forms. Objects become images and images become objects in a process that surpasses pure visuality towards a more expanded engagement with the visual where the body holds a central position, becoming a depicted object as well as an instrument of interaction.

2015-05-20 18h30
Guided tour with João Laia
Guided tour with the curator João Laia