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Let's talk about houses

When Art Speaks Architecture:Building, Unbuilding, Inhabit

Curatorship: Delfim Sardo

At various times, in a world that has been successively destroyed by global conflicts, art has reflected the need to think about the meaning of dwelling, the affective construction of space, the cocoon, and the minimum conditions required for survival. In many ways, art seems to be speaking of architecture, constructing fields that are almost nameless in the place where sculpture, film, and architecture intersect.

The exhibition aims to present works which are located in this intermediate space, and which stem from the need to work with the deconstruction of space and the appropriation of architectural languages by artists in a way that also tries to find corresponding movements, with a diverse range of origins, in this interface.


Ângela Ferreira; Bruce Nauman; Carlos Bunga; Carlos Garaicoa; Carlos Nogueira; Catherine Opie; Cildo Meireles; Damian Ortega; Dan Graham; Ed Ruscha ; Elmgreen & Dragset; Fernando Brito; Fernanda Fragateiro; Gabriel Orozco; Gordon Matta-Clark; Hans Haacke; Jimmie Durham; John Bock; Jonas Dahlberg; Jorge Macchi; José Bechara; José Pedro Croft; Juan Araújo; Julião Sarmento; Julian Rosenfeld; Luísa Lambri; Marcelo Cidade; Marcius Galan; Marepe; Mark Dion; Mateo Lopez; Miguel Ângelo Rocha; Miguel Arruda; Miroslav Balka; Nuno Sousa Vieira; Olafur Eliasson; Rita McBride; Rivane Neuenschwander; Robert Gober; Rodney Graham; Stan Douglas; Thomas Scheibitz; Thomas Schutte; Thomas Struth; Tom Sachs; Vangelis Vlahos; Wallid Raad/Atlas Group.

On Exhibition

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Curatorship: Maria de Aires Silveira e Emília Ferreira
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Temporary Exhibition

CAIS Urbana

Curatorship: Mistaker Maker
the 25 years of the Association CAIS
Temporary Exhibition

Inês Norton. Please do (not) touch

Curatorship: Adelaide Ginga e Emília Ferreira
Inês Norton exhibition, reminds us of the urgency of regaining full consciousness of our body. At the cost of surely losing touch with the essence of what it means to be human
Solo show

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Curatorship: Adelaide Ginga
The CT1LN project, by Henrique Vieira Ribeiro, has been in development since 2014 and consists of the artistic interpretation of a collection accumulated over the course of four decades by amateur radio personality Paulo V.
Solo show

Rui Macedo. (In)dispensable or Painting that Unsettles the Museum’s Collection.

Curatorship: Emília Ferreira
Reminding us that an artist is a hunter-gatherer, a collector of meanings, forms, problems and proposals, this exhibition highlights the fact that a museum is a place of constant and unsettling discovery.
Temporary Exhibition


Curatorship: Maria de Aires Silveira, Emília Tavares, Emília Ferreira
The current exhibition of the collection covers a sizeable part of its temporal arc, from the mid-19th century to the 1980s, occupying the entirety of the galleries in the Museum wing located in Rua Serpa Pinto.
Collection exhibition