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Mónica de Miranda

Curatorship: Emília Tavares

In the centre of Luanda in Angola, a neon sign on a three-storey building still marks the presence of the Hotel Globo. Despite its decadent condition, the modernist building retains the grandeur that marked the apogee of modernist architecture overseas.  Apparently, it continues to function as a hotel although the majority of the rooms are empty and there are no tourists. In fact, there are few tourists in Luanda. The hotel is a temporary home for Angolans from the provinces, the diaspora, and also local artists.

The abandonment of the original function of colonial buildings and their appropriation and recreation by the local population produces a metaphor for colonial-era places – including the Hotel Globo – and their repercussions in the memory and culture of Portuguese-speaking Africa. The Hotel Globo brings together stories of resistance, adaptation, and inquiry. The spaces depicted here show fragments of the lives of new guests, who move here not as owners but as residents. The web of social, cultural and political relations that are then constructed incorporates pre-existing symbols and images, in a process in which values of territory, belonging and identity are recovered and simultaneously reconstructed.


Ana Balona de Oliveira - July 22th - 6:30 pm

Carlos Garrido Castellano - September 17th - 6:30 pm

Ana Vaz Milheiro - September 24th - 6:30 pm


    2015-07-03 19h00
    Opening of the exhibition "Hotel Globo"
    2015-07-22 18h30
    Os Hóspedes do Globo: (Des-)Mapeando a Memória da Cidade Vertical com a Horizontalidade do Corpo. Conference by Ana Balona de Oliveira
    2015-09-17 18h30
    "O reverso da convivência. Comunidades e ruínas na obra de Mónica de Miranda". Conference by Carlos Garrido Castellano
    2015-09-24 18h30
    Modernos Africanos: Domesticidades coloniais e pós-coloniais. Conference by Ana Vaz Milheiro
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