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Léthê's daughters

Curatorship: Lúcia Saldanha
The mythical springs Léthê and Mnemósyne — Léthê caused forgetfulness in those who drank from 
it and Mnemósyne favored memory — inspired Helena Ferreira to make the faces and names of anonymous workers from Alcântara, Xabregas, Poço do Bispo emerge from the “source” of oblivion. , Almada and Setúbal who, during and after the 1st Portuguese Republic, challenged norms by leading demonstrations defending gender equality, labor justice, and female emancipation.
The images found on some newspaper pages of the time gave rise to this series of charcoal powder drawings that, 
at the time of the inauguration, are “unveiled” by the hands of visitors. 

From the surface of the blank sheets of paper emerged The Daughters of Léthê, a set of collective and 
individual portraits, such as those of Flávia de Mattos, Capitolina de Jesus and Liberdade da Pátria.
Making visible the identity and memories of women who were and are part of history before and after April 25th, 
addressing the fragility and instability of rights conquered and yet to be conquered, 
are aspects of the line of work that the artist developed for the Chiado project, Carmo, 
Paris and the Paths of Salgueiro Maia – 2024, presented here at Galeria PeP and in the exhibition 
Pela fresta do estore, a tribute to Natércia Salgueiro Maia, to be held at the Paiol in Castelo de Vide,
 Salgueiro Maia's hometown.

Lucia Saldanha