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More than blue

Curatorship: Elidrissi (Director do Museu Mohamed VI) e Emília Ferreira (directora do MNAC)

Opening on the 26th of June, at 18:30, at the MNAC, Capelo wing, is the exhibition "More than Blue. A journey through the history of Moroccan art".

 This is a collective exhibition of modern and contemporary art, organized under the auspices of the National Museums Foundation (Morocco), and in a partnership between the Mohamed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, in Rabat, and the National Museum of Contemporary Art. With the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, in Lisbon, this exhibition presents, for the first time in Portugal, a selection of works of art revealing a unique cultural identity. 

The exhibition is organized into ten sections: Section 1, From the beginning of the 20th century to the 1950s The first modern pictorial practices. Between mimicry and traditions; Núcleo 2, 1945: The creation of the Tetuão School of Fine Arts; Section 3, The 1950s and 60s: Towards a pictorial universalism; Core 4, Gharbaoui and Cherkaoui: The Forerunners of Abstraction; Nucleus 5, The School of Casablanca; Nucleus 6, The self-taught; Nucleus 7, Decades of 1970-1980: Individual abstractions; Nucleus 8, Return of figuration; Nucleus 9, Adoption of photography; and Nucleus 10, From the 1990s onwards. Contemporary creation: Diversity of themes and supports. 

The 64 patent works, authored by 60 authors, reveal, therefore, some of the main paths trodden by the creators of the Kingdom of Morocco, between figuration and abstraction, making known the diversity of plastic proposals that have crossed the cultural creation of Morocco of the last century, with a deep knowledge of other contemporary cultures. 

Open until September 24, the exhibition is curated by the director of the Musée Mohammed VI d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, Abdelaziz El Idrissi, and the director of MNAC, Emília Ferreira.