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Bookworm Pavilion Project

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Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Curatorship: Tau Tavengwa, Vyjayanthi Rao
Most of the world is building itself – without architects. As cities expand at an unprecedented rate, how can the disciplines of design and architecture be reinvented to respond to growing inequalities, climate change and conflict? Multiplicity presents a diversity of collective or informal processes from the Global South that adapt and subvert modes of action with ad-hoc methods to face these global challenges, as well as examples of projects at different scales that expand the definition of architecture, its forms and protagonists.

Multiplicity features the work of individuals, practices and multiple organisations from across the globe experimenting in myriad ways with architecture. Often working in challenging environmental, social and political conditions, these practitioners are pushing the boundaries of practice. In the process, they challenge our staid definition of what architecture is, while reclaiming and redefining it as a potent tool in fighting for environmental, economic and social equity and justice. An agile, new architecture of institutions and community, mirroring and learning from the uncertainties of our time is emerging in the process. Here are a few examples

Vídeos  | Lobby of MNAC

Domingo / Sunday, 13 Novembro / November, 16h30
White Building
de / by Kavich Neang
90 minutos

Domingo / Sunday, 20 Novembro / November, 16h30
Bosque, Agua, Tierra, Fuego
de / by Sandra Calvo
Topographies of Body and Landscape
de / by Vitor Hugo Costa
23 minutos

Domingo / Sunday, 27 Novembro / November, 16h30
Garage People
de / by Natalija Yefimkina

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