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short film ‘Azul no Azul’ (Blue in Blue)

Curatorship: Nelson Ferreira
Azul no Azul: The Italian director Gianmarco Donaggio is releasing the short experimental film ‘Azul no Azul’ (Blue in Blue), a cinematic journey inside the sculpture garden of MNAC - The National Museum of Contemporary Art, in Lisbon.

‘Azul no Azul’ is the result of the encounter between painter Nelson Ferreira and filmmaker Gianmarco Donaggio. Blue is the liminal space where the motion traverses the static, painting meets cinema, and dynamic tension liberates dreams. Blue, in the film, is not a statement nor a colour, but rather the emergence of a feeling. An empty canvas for the viewer to engage within the contraction and expansion of the light flux.

‘Azul no Azul’ will premiere on Thursday the 28th of July between 6:30-8 pm during Nelson Ferreira’s exhibition opening ‘Painting rarefied the spirit’.
Before the screening, the director Gianmarco Donaggio and the artist Nelson Ferreira will introduce the film.

A trailer of the film is available on the director’s website:
The film will be continuously projected at the museum from the 28th of July until the 15th of September 2022. On request, it is possible to receive a link to view the film online.

Producer/Director/DoP/Editor/Music: Gianmarco Donaggio
Concept/Executive Producer: Nelson Ferreira
Location: MNAC - Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea.

Azul no Azul - Experimental Film / 1 screen / 4k / 16:9 / color / 00:06:22 / 2022
+47 46570426