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Loops.Expanded in Lisbon 2021-2022

The National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), Loops.Expanded and Duplacena have the pleasure of presenting Loops.Expanded in Lisbon new edition.

Loops.Expanded is an international curatorial network for research, curatorship and exhibition, building on the growth of the Loops.Lisboa project – organised since 2015 by Duplacena in close collaboration with the MNAC. Loops.Expanded is based on experimenting with a decentralized model, carrying out activities in its own name and through partnerships developed by Duplacena (Lisbon), Proyector (Madrid), OndaVideo (Pisa), WWVF (Amsterdam) and Cine Esquema Novo (Porto Alegre).

In this edition of Loops.Expanded, the MNAC will present five videos, each with a 3-week exhibition window. These works by Pedro Vaz (Portugal), Økapi (Italy), Hasan Daraghmeh (Palestine/Norway), Cyril Gamiche (France/Japan), and Ilaria di Carlo (Italy) were selected by the curators from the project’s International Open Call.

The project focuses on promoting and encouraging video proposals that explore the concept of the loop, seeking to contribute to the knowledge of and artistic reflection on this language/device in the contemporary world. Taken as a whole, these works reveal some of the approaches implicit in the concept of the loop, where the idea of circular time is developed through either a spatial perception of architecture or the gap between the perception of natural time and film time.

Alisson Avila, Emília Tavares and Irit Batsry


    2021-11-24 18h00
    LoopsExpanded 2021. Opening of the exhibition
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