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Printed Photography and Propaganda in The Portuguese Estado Novo

Filomena Serra (Ed.)

Through montage and photomontage, printed photography under Portuguese Estado Novo explored the narrative and connotative potential of the image in different printed media, becoming highly significant both in the official propaganda and in the discourses of those opposed to the regime. The reader will find a set of selected publications from the late 1920s to the 1970s, organised in four thematic chapters transversal. We have given priority to information regarding the authorship of the photographs, drawings, illustrations, texts and other informative elements, with the aim of offering a contextualised synthesis of the public and historical dimension of this printed photographic culture, always with a view on the dialogue between text and image.

Texts by Filomena Serra, Paula André, Manuel Villaverde Cabral, Javier Ortiz-Echagüe, Eduardo Cintra Torres, José Guilherme Victorino, Natasha Revez, Sofia Leal Rodrigues, Patrícia Ferraz de Matos, Susana Lourenço Marques, Luciene Lehmkuhl, Israel Guarda, Ana Barata, Heloísa Paulo, José Oliveira, Filipa Subtil, Filipa Lowndes Vicente, Maria Manuela Gomes, Leonor Pires Martins, Patrícia Ferraz de Matos, Inês Vieira Gomes, Afonso Dias Ramos, João Leal, Vasco Ribeiro, Susana S. Martins, Paul Melo e Castro And Ros Boisier

Photos by Fábio Cunha

Saturday the 25th at 4 pm in the MNAC Sculptures Garden.


On Exhibition

Drawing and watercolor courses

Drawing and watercolor courses taught by Nelson Ferreira

A Brasileira do Chiado

Café Museu 1925-1971

Curatorship: Maria de Aires Silveira, Raquel Henriques da Silva
The Café Museu da Brasileira on display at the MNAC
Temporary Exhibition

The Pathway to the Light as It Goes along the Light

Curated by João Biscainho, the inaugural exhibition of the new Millennium bcp Gallery presents a selection of works in a dialogue between the MNAC and Millennium bcp collections, and other national and international collections.
Colective Exhibition

Cycle “Women Painters in the Ibero-American World” 2021-2022

Cycle of lectures presented by Painters who were especially active in the Ibero-American World and who over the centuries have contributed to reducing gender bias and putting an end to a series of stereotypes in the world of the arts.

Francis Smith

In Search of Lost Time

Curatorship: Jorge Costa
Exhibition dedicated to the painter Francis Smith.
Temporary Exhibition

My Friend

Works and Documents of the Ernesto de Sousa Collection (1921-1988)

MNAC is associated with the celebrations of the centenary of the birth of Ernesto de Sousa, one of the most relevant personalities of contemporary Portuguese, whose influence continues to be active.
Temporary Exhibition


Ana Vidigal e Nuno Nunes-Ferreira

Curatorship: Emília Ferreira
Two personal archives, two legacies by two artists whose parents took part in a traumatic moment in the history of Portugal.
Temporary Exhibition

Modern glances

Curatorship: Maria de Aires Silveira
Crossing glances and a taste for pictorial framings in the MNAC collection.
Temporary Exhibition

110 years

An intervention that celebrates 110 years of the MNAC.