Maria Helena Vieira Da Silva, Diagramme du regard (L'été), 1960
Maria Helena Vieira Da Silva, Diagramme du regard (L'été), 1960

Galeria Millennium

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The Pathway to the Light as It Goes along the Light


Curated by: João Biscainho

The exhibition “The Pathway to the Light as It Goes along the Light”, title taken from a 1980 poem by Alberto de Lacerda, calligraphed that same year by Vieira da Silva, opens a new space in the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Galeria Millennium bcp.
This exhibition presents a selection of works of modern and contemporary art that awaken in the viewer an awareness of the aesthetic experience and the perceptive act as a brain construction.
The Pathway to the Light as It Goes along the Light” unfolds into two lines of research. One works on the different forms of spatial representation and composition as notation strategies for mental, sound or literary spaces, but also as prototypes of the notion of virtual reality. The other expands the more traditional languages ​​of representation, based on knowledge of neurosciences, presenting works that induce the viewer to certain mental states or sensations. In other cases, it is the artists and spectators who substantiate the works from their own electrical brain activity as poetic, sound or visual language.

Represented artists:

Brion Gysin; Ian Sommerville; Silvestre Pestana; Maria Helena Vieira da Silva; Bernhard Leitner; Henrique Risques Pereira; Fernando Lemos; Jorge Pinheiro; Paulo Bruscky; Char Davies; Varela Pécurto; Alvin Lucier; Hélder Rodrigues; Emanuel Dimas Pimenta; Manuel D’Assumpção; Suzanne Dikker e Matthias Oostrik.

The Pathway to the Light as it Goes along the Light.
Curator: João Biscainho
Location: Galeria Millennium bcp, National Museum of Contemporary Art
Dates: Patent exhibition from June 22 to November 14, 2021
Exclusive Sponsor: Millennium bcp Foundation

The patronage relationship of the Millennium bcp Foundation with the MNAC reaches a new level with the opening of the new Galeria Millennium bcp, on June 21, 2021, in this national museum.
In a unique and unprecedented relationship in Portugal, recovering a space that was until recently in ruins, the Millennium bcp Foundation gives the museum a new gallery, increasing the exhibition space of this national museum and contributing to its reaffirmation in contemporary times.
Starting from the dialogue between the MNAC and Millennium bcp collections, and other national and international collections, public and private, this new space assumes itself as a laboratory. The programming will be the responsibility of the MNAC, which will present internal curators and/or guest curators, and will always have the patronage of the Millennium bcp Foundation.



    2021-07-23 16h00
    Guided tour with the curator of the exhibition.
    2021-08-06 16h00
    Guided tour with the curator of the exhibition.
    2021-09-15 16h00
    Guided tour with the curator of the exhibition.
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Cycle “Women Painters in the Ibero-American World” 2021-2022

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