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Summer Nights 2020

Curatorship: Filho Único
Summer Nights are returning to the MNAC Sculpture Garden as of August 7th.
The Summer Nights are a co-production between Filho Único, EGEAC, the Municipal Galleries of Lisbon and the National Museum of Contemporary Art.
This year's edition reinforces the identity of a program that focuses on the ethical dimension of art and its contribution as an essential factor in collective life.
In this 11th edition of the Summer Nights, we bring to MNAC, in the words of the producer Filho Único, musicians and shows with courage, integrity, intelligence and emotional honesty, even more now than ever, in the challenging period we live in.

Follow the links and learn a little more about the artists who will transform your Summer Nights.

August 7 th, 7pm
Nuno Rebelo
Nuno Rebelo was born in Torres Vedras, in 1960. After graduating in Architecture at the Fine Arts Academy in Lisbon, he asserted himself throughout the 80's as a key figure for the new popular independent music in Portugal. During this period, he was part of the Streetkids (1980-82) alongside Nuno Canavarro, led Mler If Dada (1983-89), and worked as a producer for the likes of Pop Dell'Arte or Linha Geral. Towards the end of the decade, he released the stunning and mythical opus "Sagração do mês de Maio" on EMI-Valentim de Carvalho, a composition entirely created with MIDI bank sounds and programming for the third edition of fashion show "Manobras de Maio"; which had taken place at Campo Pequeno (the bullfight arena of Lisbon). He later formed the instrumental group Plooplot Pot, and, between 93 and 95, the Poliploc Orkeshtra, an ensemble of non-musicians formed by Chapitô students, which accompanied live the silent movies Murnau's "Nosferatu" and Manoel de Oliveira's “Douro, Faina Fluvial”. He created music for film, theatre and contemporary dance plays, working with José Nascimento, Edgar Pêra, José Wallenstein, António Feio or Vera Mantero. He also authored "Pangea" (the hymn of World Expo 98 that took place in Lisbon), as well as the music and sound design of the show "Oceanos e Utopias" (broadcast daily at the Utopia Pavilion at Expo 98). Currently living in Barcelona, he has been working on and showcasing sound sculptures, and giving preference to stage performance in determent of studio recordings. 2013 is the date of his last CD “Removed from the flow of time (guitar solos, 1992-2012)” on the label Creative Sources.

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August 14th, 7pm
Cafetra apresenta Banda Fetra
"Cafetra is composed by individuals who have been growing and affirming themselves. We are all very different from each other and well determined. We are not "one thing only" and thank goodness. The friendship that we have for each other is the main responsible for the fact that we are still together." At the end of 2014, on the occasion of the Noite Fetra & Amigos IV, this is how Maria Reis explained Cafetra. Yesterday, as today, Cafetra is a group of friends- but also an artistic collective and a record label- which has been offering new sonic, lyrical and attitude dimensions to the ecosystem of Independent Music, both in Portugal and abroad. The successive international tours of Pega Monstro or the most recent debut of Rabu Mazda for the Brazilian 40% Foda/Maneiríssimo are proofs of this. The number of paths crossed by their bands and artists is remarkable and made public, filled with achievements and interruptions, turbulence and overcoming. For this trip-performance to the authorial patrimony of this gang, we will be entertained by Banda Fetra, a name that was chosen by and comprised of the following group of people: Éme & Moxila, Iguanas, Lourenço Crespo, Maria Reis, Miguel Abras, Putas Bêbadas, Rabu Mazda and Sallim. They will perform repertoire of all of them, in songbook style, tentatively looking into revisiting their past, as well as other moments of their 12-year-old history.

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August 21th, 7pm
Susana Santos Silva
Susana Santos Silva is a Portuguese trumpet player, improviser and composer based in Stockholm who has become in recent years one of the leading figures in European Jazz and Contemporary Music. Aligning creative thinking with a comprehensive approach to a vast array of influences, from Classical music to textural sound art, the artist is interested in stretching the possibilities of the instrument, exploring new forms of expression in music; as well as blurring the borders between composition and improvisation. Susan is a leader in two bands: Life and Other Transient Storms, and Impermanence; having released with the latter the album "The Ocean Inside a Stone". It came out this year, following the debut in 2015 both saw the light of the day through Porto label PortaJazz – which she also manages and has celebrated and propelled the city's thriving jazz scene –. Susana has had duos with Kaja Draksler, Thorbjörn Zetterberg and Jorge Queijo, among other colaborations; played with Fire! Orchestra, Mats Gustafsson’s Nu Ensemble, Evan Parker, Joëlle Léandre, Mat Maneri, Paul Lovens e Hamid Drake; and this year was going to debut with Anthony Braxton. Her first solo album goes back to 2018, "All the Rivers" for Clean Feeed, recorded live at the National Pantheon, which earned high praise of both portuguese and international critics alike.

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August 28th, 7pm
José Braima Galissá
Born in a family of griots of mandingo culture, and a true ambassador of the music and culture of Guinea-Bissau in Portugal, Braima Galissá is an absolute virtuoso of the kora, an african harp of 22 strings. Traditional griot music, which emerged along with its ancestors in the Western region of Africa, is a product of families of poet-singers whose songs of praise and stories of myths and legends comprise a fundamental role in the cultural and musical life of Africa. Galissá started playing his first notes in the mid 70's, through his father, and in the following decade he was not only responsible but also composer for the National Ballet of Bissau, besides being a kora teacher at the National School of Music José Carlos Schwarz for 11 years. In 1998 he established himself in Lisbon, and formed the group Bela Nafa. Throughout the years he taught several courses at both Escola Superior de Educação and Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema de Lisboa about Bissauian music, literature and culture, showcasing a workforce and commitment to his roots and its contemporary validity, which is absolutely untransferable. He has collaborated as a musician in theatre pieces, and in recordings by João Afonso, Amélia Muge, Blasted Mechanism or Sara Tavares, just to name a few. In this concert for "Noites de Verão" he will present himself solo, on kora and voice, something that a lot of Lisbon inhabitants have had the privilege of experiencing, and always produces genuine bliss amongst the audience.

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