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Biography of the line

Drawing collection (1836-1920)

Curatorship: Maria de Aires Silveira
Biography of the Line. Drawing Collection (1836-1920)

National Museum of Contemporary Art

Curator: Maria de Aires Silveira

Opening: February 6th, 19h.

Entrance through Rua Serpa Pinto, 4

Patent exhibition from February 7th to October 4th 2020

For the first time, MNAC opens its oldest drawing reserves to public scrutiny. Exposing 100 works from his 19th century drawing group to the beginning of the 20th, Biography of the stroke. The collection of drawings by MNAC (1836-1920), curated by Maria de Aires Silveira, shows the academic thought and training of Drawing, the central discipline of plastic exercise, in the work of 33 artists, revealing the relevance of the personal and evolutionary facet of this central discipline to artistic teaching.

Among the most recognized professors at the Academies, we find the Romantic and Naturalist generations represented. A significant group of Columbano - and the other artists of the Bordallo Pinheiro clan, including Maria Augusta - joins the works of D. Carlos I and the symbolists of the end of the century, closing with works from exactly 100 years ago.

In this exhibition, MNAC also highlights the figure of João Baptista Ribeiro (1790-1868), designer and academic master, creator of the first public art museum in Portugal, in the 270 years of his birth.


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