PEDRO GOMES, Encontro às Cegas, MNAC

MNAC - Rua Capelo

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Blind date

Pedro Gomes

Curatorship: Emília Ferreira e Hugo Dinis
Blind date

National Museum of Contemporary Art Curator: Emília Ferreira and Hugo Dinis Opening: February 13th, 19h. Entrance through Capelo Street, 13 Patent exhibition from February 14

Pedro Gomes (1972, Mozambique) brings to the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC) the individual and anthological drawing exhibition, Encontro das Cegas. Patent from February 13th, curated by Emília Ferreira and Hugo Dinis.
Presenting around two dozen works, from a consistent path of 25 years of creation, Pedro Gomes proposes, in Encontro das Cegas, a pertinent debate about the design and images that surround us. Reflecting on a society in which excess is the norm and in which the urgency to create images seems inexhaustible and without criteria, Pedro Gomes questions what he considers a path to dehumanization, in which images live an autophagic cycle, without real communication skills. , promoting incommunicability. The works chosen for this exhibition project, critically, a drawing based on real assumptions, from which the artist tries to recover the sensitivity and rediscover the lost emotionality.


The exhibition will feature the presentation of 2 unpublished series of drawings, held in 2019 and 2020, continuing the drawings presented by the artist in the latest exhibitions at Appleton Square, Galeria Diferença and Galeria Presença galleries. On those occasions, images of buildings and interiors of art museums contested the idea of ​​the screen as an open possibility where everything could appear.

Showing the coherence of the artist's creation throughout this quarter of a century, unpublished works will be shown, which belonged to the artist Pedro Cabrita Reis, and which are currently in the EDP Foundation Collection, such as the sculpture I will always be with you, from 1995 , and the drawings Linha de Fogo, from 1999, and the drawing I'm afraid I'm not here at the moment, but you can leave a message after the beep…, from 1996, which then proved to be central to the effective presence by Pedro Gomes at the New Contemporaries exhibition in 1997 in Glasgow.

In addition, considering the impossibility of producing images, the work Linha de Fogode 1999, in which fire literally burns the lines created by a film machine, destroying the image and, paradoxically, drawing new shapes and their real possibilities , the debate about the very nature of drawing is expanded here. The same happens with the choice of the works Masturbations, from 2003, in which the accumulation of a certain reality (powders, garbage, residues and other small particles) leads to the construction of images, explicit or indecipherable, that suggest fetish and intoxicating images.

During the exhibition, a catalog with images of the works and the exhibition will be published, as well as an interview with the artist by Emília Ferreira and an anthological text by Hugo Dinis.