Sonae Media Art Award 2017

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Sonae Media Art Award 2017


The Sonae Media Art Prize is the result of a partnership between Sonae and the Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea-Museu do Chiado, and is aimed at promoting creativity and innovation, encouraging new trends in artistic production and making art more approachable for the general public. It is open to Portuguese and foreign artists who are resident in Portugal and who work with digital and electronic media in the fields of video art, sound projects and works that explore interactivity and virtuality, along with cross-disciplinary endeavours, which may incorporate other forms of art, such as performance, dance, cinema, theatre and literature.

Selected from a pool of 123 nominees, the finalists of the second Sonae Media Art Prize are André Martins for Memorial Feed, André Sier for Wolfanddotcom, Nuno Lacerda for Samarra, Rodrigo Gomes for Estivador de Imagens and Sofia Caetano for GOD.

These five works constitute experiences and examinations of art in the form of interactive video, multimedia installation, immersive and interactive experiences, sensory and auditory simulation, online feeds and computer graphic art.


    2017-11-22 19h00
    Inauguração da exposição das 5 obras finalistas
    2017-12-06 15h00
    Announcement ceremony of the winner of the Sonae media Art Prize 2017
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