Augusto Alves da Silva, Espaço de Tempo, pormenor da exposição
Augusto Alves da Silva, Espaço de Tempo, pormenor da exposição


entry: General Conditions

Ugly and Time Lapse

Augusto Alves da Silva

Curatorship: Pedro Lapa
Time Lapse is a side project that Augusto Alves da Silva completed while fulfilling a commission to follow and photograph the activities of the Companhia  Nacional de Bailado (CNB). The choice of medium, video, which is not unknown in the artist's work, and its realisation via a double projection synchronised by a single, common piece of music, directly involving the video apparatus in the production of the meaning of the piece itself, contribute towards distinguishing the premises of this work from those on which the commission to photograph the CNB's activities were based.
The aim of reporting another artistic activity is not conditioned by the illusory consideration of photography as an analogy of reality - a mimesis exempt from and neutral regarding any code. It is in itself autonomous, with its own order of considerations, affectations and choices, which articulate themselves from one photograph to the next. However, one mustn't lose sight of how a commission can limit a work's reception to set objectives, however broad these may be. The choice of a referent, theme or mode of presentation subordinated to a set function is in itself a form of conditioning, which may be all the more elaborate in the case of something seeking recognition and that merely begs an artistic glance to derive a sense of value. In this respect, Augusto Alves da Silva's choices ( ist, Uma Cidade Assim and CNB 200 1, amongst others) have been exact. The conditions laid down by the commission allowed him to work on the edge of what transcended it; on the deviation from it. It might even be asked whether his acceptance of specific commissions, beyond the implicit contractual conditions, doesn't underline an enjoyment in working on the limits of a theme, area or concept, in the intervening space between that proposed and that which utterly transcends it - an obstinate search for the permeability of boundaries. The hybrid nature of the contemporary world thus becomes susceptible to the objectification of the determinations of Augusto Alves da Silva's framings.

Pedro Lapa
Director of the Chiado Museum