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Biography of the artist

André Alves (Lever, Portugal, 1981) is a visual artist, educator and researcher who splits his time between Porto and Gothenburg (Sweden). He graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Porto (2005), obtained an MFA in Drawing with a Fulbright Scholarship at the University of Cincinnati (2009/2011) and holds an MA in Art Education from the University of Porto (2009). He was a doctoral student at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and is currently completing his doctoral programme in Artistic Practice at the Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg.

Highlights among his exhibitions include: O que falta é amor (We are lacking love - Portugal, 2017); Research Pavilion – Venice Biennale (Italy, 2017); Body at Rest (USA, 2017); A vida está lá fora (Life is out there - Portugal, 2016); Parasita Obrigatório (Obligate Parasite - Portugal, 2016); Cuestionamientos II: Sociedad (Cuestionamiento II: Sociedad - Spain, 2016); Research Show (Sweden, 2016); Streaming Egos (Germany, 2016); Forming the Line (Finland, 2016); Lugares de Viagem (Travel Places - Portugal, 2015); Aesthetics Jam – 9th Taipei Biennial (Taiwan, 2014).

He is the author of the book Dito não Aristotélico do dia (Edições do Tédio, 2015), editor of Pretentious Writings (2015) and co - editor of the series Artistic Research Does (i2ads - University of Porto, 2016 -).

His practice is developed from a basis in montage strategies in which narration, choreographic reading practices and poem-images are used as artistic and affective strategies to investigate the political dimension of contact capacity.