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Photography and the Left

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Film program Photography and The Left. From June 16 to July 16.

Related to the Photography and the Left Conference, this screning is organized in two different groups, althoug they are shown in loop, sequentially. A first group includes films directed by revolutionary collectives or individuals, such as Kino Pravda by Dziga Vertov or the pionneer John Grierson, which reflect upon social inequalities, as well as upon the social organization of work, that are produced and below capitalist development. As well as we have seen this concern being registered by authors like Jacob Rijs, Charles Nègre or Lewis Hine, or the Portuguese Joshua Benoliel, since the first decades of the xx century cinema is a political ‘weapon’, in an era where visuality turns to be fulcral and film develops as a fundamental language to picture the world. The second group includes contemporary  films done by artists and filmakers such as Filipa César or Catarina Laranjeiro, which incorporate new ways of documenting reality, in a similarly political perpective but also as a a way of thinking and criticizing imagens and their power. (MM.)

1. Kino-Pravda nº1, Save the Starving Children

Dziga Vertov, 1922, Rússia, 10’


2. Drifters

John Grierson, 1929, Reino Unido, 50’

3. Night Mail

Harry Watt e Brasil Wright, 1936, Reino Unido, 24’


4. The River

Pare Lorentz, , 1937, Espanha, 31'


5. De Brug

Joris Jivens, 1928, Holanda, 11'


6. The land

Robert Flaherty, EUA, 1939-1942, EUA, 51'


7. Transission from the liberated Zone  

Filipa César, Portugal, 2015, 30’


8. Effects of wording |The Mozambique Archive Series
Catarina Simão, Portugal, 2014, 29’


9. Pabia di Aos 

Catarina Laranjeiro, Portugal, 2013, 55


10. Leaving the Factory

Susana Mouzinho, Portugal, 2016, 4’

11. Replica 

Patricia Leal, Portugal, 2016, 6’


Program exhibited in loop from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from tuesday to sunday. Close at monday.

Rua Capelo, 13

Organização e selecção:

Margarida Medeiros com Jorge Ribalta e Raquel Schefer


Luis Mendonça

Patrícia Leal

Susana Mouzinho


Estúdio e Mediateca do Departamento de Ciências da Comunicação da Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Luis Miguel Correia/ Patrícia Leal/ Luis Mendonça