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Tonnetz 09-B (2010)

António de Sousa Dias

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Tonnetz 09 B is a multichannel, interactive audiovisual installation born out of my desire to create music and sound and, more recently, audiovisual spaces. These I propose as what I will call a space of freedom, spaces where viewers can simply be, ramble, lie, project themselves, think.
In Tonnetz09B, image and sound create a dream world, at all times abstract and diffuse, out of mutual influence: the relationship between image components, acting on the outcome of sound and sound analysis and performed in real time, is deployed to modify the parameters to the image.
As one navigates this space, closed but always renewed, the form presenting itself will request that each projects his/her own feelings and impressions in the manner of a Rorschach test or, why ever not, like a day spent looking and listening to the clouds.

António de Sousa Dias

Conception and programming: António de Sousa Dias
Additional programming: Tifanie Bouchara
Scientific advisor: Christian Jacquemin
Production: Kintop (Ansgar Schaefer) and MNAC – Museu do Chiado (Emília Tavares)
R&D Support: CICM (University Paris 8 - MSH Paris Nord), LIMSI (University Paris 11)
Sponsor: MC / DGArtes