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Pompidou’s New Media collection in Museu do Chiado

Center Pompidou New Media, 1965 - 2003

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Vito Acconci, Samuel Beckett, Dara Birnbaum, Matthieu Laurette, Peter Campus, Stan Douglas, Chris Marker, Valie Export, Bruce Nauman, Jean-Luc Godard, Marcel Odenbach, Douglas Gordon, Tony Oursler, Dan Graham, Nam June Paik, Gary Hill, Pierre Huyghe, Bill Viola, Martial Raysse 

Works in exhibition 




Christine Van Assche is the New Media Curator at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France. She has curated exhibitions and produced new works with such media artists as Gary Hill, Tony Oursler, Joan Loeb, Nam June Paik, Marcel Odenbach, Joan Loge and Thierry Kuntzell. She was, along with curator Catherine David and critic Raymond Bellour, co-curator of the exhibition Passage de l’Image. In 1993, Van Assche began to acquire works of video and computer art for the Centre Pompidou. 

Nuclei and list of works 


Towards imaginary television 

Nam June Paik - Moon is the Oldest TV, 1965-1992  

Dan Graham - Present Continuous Past(s), 1974  

Stan Douglas - Hors-Champs, 1992  

Valie Export - Facing a Family, 1971 

Bill Viola - Reverse Television, 1983-1984 

Nam June Paik - Global Groove, 1973 

Dara Birnbaum - Kiss the Girls/ Make them Cry, 1979 

Chris Marker - Détours Ceausescu, 1990 

Mathieu Laurette - Apparitions (Sélection 1993-1995), 1995 


Searching for an identity 

Martial Raysse - Identité, maintenant vous êtes un Martial Raysse, 1967 

Peter Campus - Interface, 1972 

Valie Export - Space Seeing / Space Hearing, 1973-1974 

Vito Acconci - Turn On, 1974 

Tony Oursler - Switch , 1996 


The device: from video tape to installation 

Bruce Nauman - Stamping in the Studio, 1968 

Bruce Nauman - Going Around the Corner, 1970 

Samuel Beckett - Arena Quad I and II, 1981 

Gary Hill - Site Recite (A Prologue) 1989 



Jean-Luc Godard - Scénario du Film Passion, 1982 

Marcel Odenbach - Vorurteille, 1983-1984 

Chris Marker - Immemory, 1996 

Douglas Gordon - Feature Film, 1998 

Pierre Huyghe - The Third Memory, 1999 



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