Helena Almeida – S/ Título (Meu Amigo), 1974
Helena Almeida – S/ Título (Meu Amigo), 1974


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Works and Documents of the Ernesto de Sousa Collection (1921-1988)

This exhibition is part of a series of events to mark the 100-year anniversary of Ernesto de Sousa's birth, in which the Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea seeks to pay tribute to one of the most important figures of contemporary Portuguese art and creation, whose influence continues to be felt to this day.
Organised by Isabel Alves, who has dedicated herself to the preservation and dissemination of the artist's legacy, the exhibition places documentation (correspondence, publications, projects) alongside artworks given to Ernesto de Sousa from the 1940s to the 1980s by some of the most important national and international contemporary artists.
This dialogue between documentation and artwork provides a multifaceted and heterogeneous itinerary of his aesthetic career and affinities, reaffirming the collaborative nature that always guided his activities as an "aesthetic operator".
From post-war neorealism to the 1980s, from Almada Negreiros to Wolf Vostell, from cinema to mixed media works, from popular art to the exhibition Alternativa Zero; these are just a few examples of the vast network of artistic intervention, collaboration and reinvention of art and life that always motivated Ernesto de Sousa.
Ernesto de Sousa also played a crucial role in the promotion of Portuguese art and artists abroad and in disseminating the latest developments of the international artistic panorama within Portugal.
The aesthetic, artistic and historical range and reach of his work continues to be active and topical, inspiring new generations from various backgrounds and reaffirming the innovative and contemporary nature of his legacy.

Emília Tavares

Exhibition held with the patronage of the Millennium BCP Foundation.



    2021-06-15 18h00
    Guided tour with Emília Tavares
    2021-06-16 18h00
    Ernesto de Sousa and the Portuguese Neorealist Movement. A Lecture by David Santos
    2021-06-23 18h00
    Ernesto de Sousa e Amigos - Correspondence Reading by António Borga, Maria Estela Guedes, Patrícia Portela
    2021-06-29 17h00
    Guided tour with Hilda Frias
    2021-06-30 18h00
    Ernesto de Sousa and tAlmada negreiros. A Lecture by Mariana Pinto dos Santos
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Imago 2021

Joakim Eskildsen

MNAC is, once again, a partner of the Imago Lisboa festival, whose exhibition proposals will be distributed in various spaces in the city and welcomes, in this edition, the work of the photographer, Joakim Eskildsen
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Café Museu 1925-1971

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The Pathway to the Light as It Goes along the Light

Curated by João Biscainho, the inaugural exhibition of the new Millennium bcp Gallery presents a selection of works in a dialogue between the MNAC and Millennium bcp collections, and other national and international collections.
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Cycle “Women Painters in the Ibero-American World” 2021-2022

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Crossing glances and a taste for pictorial framings in the MNAC collection.
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