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Pete Kember / Sonic Boom / Spectrum belongs to a strange breed of artists  so legendary and so mythic that become part of the glorious pantheon of the underground rock, far from where things happen in front of our eyes. Much less mediatic that his partner in Spacemen 3, Jason Pierce, has produced a very substantial amount of music in the two fundamental decades that followed the end of the band in which both began in music, and that marked, indelibly, the independent universe  since the 80s. Throughout discs remarkable as Spectrum and Experimental Audio Research, Kembo remains permanently in search of new forms of communication of transcendence, explosion metaphysics and cosmic communication through sound, ritual and hypnosis. His music is an alignment of a trip to an area where we see the greatness of all that glitters and shines, a hybrid of death trip narcotics, spiritual salvation and love for the rock, the blues and everything that is gloriously pentatonic. The maximum he applied in music is still the same today: "One chord best, two chords cool, three chords OK, four chords average", as its latest 'Indian Giver', set of songs from synthesizers, voice and blood, still confirms. 



Concert: Spectrum 

Museu Nacional de Arte contemporânea - Museu do Chiado

November 26 

10 p.m 

10 € 


Pre-sale: Flur and Louie Louie