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Isabel do Carmo and Giulia Strippoli about the screening of the film "Night for Day" (2020), Emily Wardill

Moderated by Emília Tavares and Sandra Vieira Jürgens

Isabel do Carmo

Born in Barreiro. She attended high school in Setúbal. Graduated and PhD from the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon (FML). Endocrinology, diabetes and nutrition specialist. Doctor at Santa Maria Hospital throughout her professional life and director of the Endocrinology Service until 2013. With Daniel Sampaio, she created the Master's Degree in Metabolic Diseases and Eating Behavior at FML, where she still teaches today. She was part of the governing bodies of the Order of Doctors before the 25th of April, when she was arrested. 

PCP activist between 18 and 29 years old. Founder with Carlos Antunes  of Brigadas Revolucionárias in 1970. Very active in the revolutionary period of 1974/75, she was director of the newspaper Revolucion and contributor to the newspaper Página Um. She was imprisoned for four years after the counter-revolution. He was part of organizations such as the Ecology and Alternatives Forum and Tempo de Avançar. He is part of the Manifesto Association and the group of health professionals We are on the Solution side. In addition to books and articles of a scientific nature in the field of Medicine, he wrote in collaboration with João Lobo the book Dossier Checoslováquia in 1970, Puta de Prisão in 1982 and later wrote with Lígia Amâncio Vozes Insubmissas. He also wrote Stories that Women Tell and Armed Struggle in 2017 and Three dictatorships in Western Europe in 2024. He is president of the General Assembly of Livraria Ler Devagar.

Giulia Strippoli is a historian, researcher at the Institute of Contemporary History at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He conducted research on the communist parties of Western Europe, student movements, the history of labor, left-wing activism, the history of women and feminism, the production and circulation of images (photography and cinema). His most recent book (2024) is co-authored with Sandro Moiso and is about the experience of the revolutionary group Lotta Continua in Portugal between 1974 and 1975.


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