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IMAGO LISBOA Photo Festival

Harri Pälviranta


In 2022, the 4th edition, gravitates around the concept of Disorders.

Current society has cyclically lived through disturbing moments of different intensities and typologies.

Naturally, the current pandemic was probably the solution to the biggest

disturbance in the post-World War II period. Its dimension had a never-before-existing globality, revealing

many of the weaknesses of political and economic systems, but also revealing the response capacity of the

international scientific community. But in addition to this pandemic, there are many other

disturbances that the planet faces. Pollution and recurring ecological disasters have been on the

agenda of several summits; social and domestic violence has made several headlines; mental and physical disturbances

have increased; migrations resulting from the flight from wars and the scarcity of means of subsistence;

financial scandals, there are many examples of possible approach, study and reflection.



Batteries and street fights are everynight activities during the weekends in Finland. People have a strong tendency of getting rather intoxicated during the partying and once drunk, people are released from their inhibitions. Aggression turns into physical acts, to direct violence. 

There is a social awareness on this topic in Finland, the issue is recognized, and it is considered to be a severe social problem. But the discussion has mainly literal dimensions, it appears in news headlines, and it is discussed in seminars. There are no images from these happenings. 

By photographing assaults and batteries, Harri Pälviranta wishes to show the real faces of street violence in Finland. In contrast to the stereotypic portrayals of male heroicism and the worn-out attempts at shocking people he is interested in dealing with the utmost banality inherent in violence. What he finds more unsettling than any single representation of physical injuries is the everyday nature of street violence and the laissez-faire attitude towards it in the Finnish society.

Harri Pälviranta -

“Battered”; “Choreography of Violence”; “News Portraits”