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Loops Lisbon

It can be said that the core image that makes up a loop – be it narrative or abstract, linear or deconstructed, of short or long duration - is by definition an island. A star. An isolated piece.

But the magic of the language of the loop - this historical starting point for film and video art - is precisely its own name; its own device; its very existence as a tool. The loop turns the island into an archipelago; the star into a constellation.

A loop is a loop is a loop.

The diversity of approaches to the loops’s concept marks both the 135 entries and the three finalists of LOOPS.LISBON 2016: loops in dialogue with cinema, theater, performance, activism, poetry.

The exhaustion of the loop in “Zootrópio” by Tiago Rosa-Rosso Carvalhas; The seconds of poetic terrorism becoming suspended time in Patrícia Almeida “Today, I Am Just a Butterfly Sending You a Sentence”, and the extension of the limits of space in Pedro Vaz “Laje Branca” constitute the second edition of Loops.Lisboa in the framework of Festival Temps d’Images Lisboa.

Pre-Selection Jury: Irit Batsry (presidente), Alisson Avila, António Câmara Manuel, David Cabecinha

Award Jury: Emília Tavares (presidente), Gary Hill, Miguel Rios.

Text: Alisson Avila

ZOOTROPE By Tiago Rosa-Rosso Carvalhas

The earth is blue like an orange

Never an error words do not lie

They no longer let you sing

It is kisses’ turn to agree

The madmen and the loves

She her wedding ring mouth

All the secrets all the smiles

And what garments of indulgence

To believe her all naked

The wasps bloom green

The dawn around the neck

A necklace of windows

Wings cover the leaves

You have all the solar joys

All the sun on earth

On the paths of your beauty.


Paul Eluard

Director: Tiago Rosa-Rosso

Actors: António Dente, Miguel Plantier, Inês Cartaxo, Ana Monteiro


On 15 April 2015, Josephine Witt, a free-lance activist, interrupts the European Central Bank (ECB) press conference by throwing at its president, Mario Draghi, confettis and pamphlets. This intervention, from the moment the activist rises from the front row to when she removed by the security guards, lasted 23 seconds. However, the photographs taken by journalists in the room will circulate over the next 24 hours on television and in the press around the world. This video is an assembly and an attempt to reconstitute the micro-events present in the found photographs of this event.

It juxtaposes the original time of the action, with the photographic time - expanded - of that same event.

* Sentence of Josephine Witt’s manifesto about her protest against the ECB


Video, 7min

By Patrícia Almeida

Editing: David-Alexandre Guéniot and Patrícia Almeida

Thanks: Raquel Castro and Festival Verão Azul

LAJE BRANCA de Pedro Vaz

White Slab is a single take of two cameras covering 180º of opposing cardinal directions of an island. The island is a white, rocky and bare, surrounded by a distant mountainous landscape. A man walks around the edge of its outer perimeter. His movement and that of the waves are the only two moving elements in an otherwise deeply static scenario.

The elliptical path of the person reveals the rock formation and suggests a suspension.

The author’s research, especially in painting and video installation, has been devoted to the possibilities and extensions of the landscape. It carries out a practice committed to a phenomenological approach - the landscape as a lived landscape. It includes as part of his work process expedition and long walks. It seeks an autonomous encounter between the present body and the place.

This work presents the tension between formulating a landscape and the consciousness of formulating it. Projecting the landscape to the outside as filtered through prosthetic eyes, but return, to what is seen as one who does not yet have the capacity to be aware of what he sees.

Color, 1:1, 1080p

3’24’’ Loop


    2016-12-07 19h00
    Loops.Lisboa - Temps d'Images 2016. Final works
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