Alexandre Estrela, Hi8, 1999-2001
Alexandre Estrela, Hi8, 1999-2001


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Cross Sharing

Alexandre Estrela

Curatorship: Pedro Lapa
Reflecting upon the mechanisms of production of cinematographic enchantment, Jean Cocteau considered that “Le ravissement (...) viendra de quelque faute, de quelque syncope, de quelque rencontre fortuite entre l'attention et l'inattention de son auteur. (Et la faculté d'émerveillement du spectateur. On n'a rien sans rien)”.
A long pathway separates the moment of enchantment/cinema audience from the im­buing/private dialogue of the video, but this reflection of Cocteau's carries through time and serves as an exemplary setting for the context and starting point towards the analysis of Alexandre Estrela's video installa­tion, made up of three autonomous pieces: Cross Sharing. Hi8 and Turquoise Hexagon Sun, projected in permanent dialogue.
Alexandre Estrela's work above all reflects a singular and double stance in relation to the creative process: that of an artist undergoing permanent concentration, researching  into the "chance meetings, the attention and the lock of attention", and that of a viewer expe­riencing wonderment at the perceptive arti­fices. Going against the immediate, and thus abstracted, nature of the electronic sig­nals of the video image and of the mecha­nisms of apprehension of contemporary society, according to Walter Benjamin's theory, based on a "state of distraction", Alexandre Estrela instills all of his work with a metho­dical philosophy of pure concentration, thus disconnecting the plots from the form of the gaze.
The three videos presented at the Museu do Chiado reflect epitomes of his creative path, and within them we re-encounter essential issues, resulting in a sort of gospel of his aesthetic searches and encounters.

Emília Tavares