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Eye Height, 2009-2011

Ricardo Jacinto e Beatriz Cantinho


EYE HEIGHT is a performance that activates a scenographic/instrumental object, which is place for the choreographic and musical event. This object behaves as a resonance box that amplifies the sounds produced by the friction and percussion of the bodies on its surface. The bodies moving horizontally induce the vibration of the sets of strings inside of the stage instrument. As suggested by the title, the spectator’s eye is placed at the same height as the stage-object. This position creates a specific sensorial and contemplative experience in the audience where dancers and musicians build a visual and sound texture landscape-like. 

The installation corresponds to a cinematographic dimension of the Eye Height performance. The audience relation to the horizontal height of the stage is kept in an extreme wide fixed shot. An immersive relationship is added to the experience of the performance by three wide medium sequence shots around the stage and the performers.
The installation recreates synchronously the different perspectives of the cameras on the same event, creating the need to constantly shift the point of view and engaging the spectator on the gestural and sound character of the images.

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