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Objectos de errância

Marta Wengorovius


Since 2005, Marta Wengorovius (Lisbon, 1963) has been creating a series of pieces called Objectos de errância (objects of errantry), which she exhibited for the first time in 2009, at the Centre Culturel Calouste Gulbenkian in Paris. These objects are linked to their use, to the type of movement and observation which they provoke and which take place in a specific space and time. They developed out of a desire to present, rather than represent, the world. They instigate an active experience which demands an unavoidable personal experience that transforms the spectator into a protagonist and investigator, into a witness.

The pieces are to be used, and in this act of using, on feeling and seeing with our body, we each take our place: by observing the world, we observe ourselves. As a result of this attention, each thing is displaced within itself: these pieces also have an internal errantry or sense of errantry. This movement, which the documentary films made by Giovanni Cioni in relation to the Objectos de Errância illustrate, is also indicated in the work Passeio #3 (2002), in which photographs of interiors and exteriors, of people and objects, are linked in their diversity by a line which passes through them and unites them.

In many of these action-pieces, and in their simultaneously individual and communal nature, we are confronted with the experience of the ritual and the celebration: a sharing of time and space in which a sense of community is created. They are, also, a reflection on the place of the work of art: a desired transitional experience, a boundary which is denied and overcome, between the street and the gallery, daily life and the legitimising institution.

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