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2018-09-21 19h00
Documentation and creation in the cinema of Salome' Lamas
Nico Marzano Conference - 21 September 19h - Entrance Hall Rua Capelo

In contemplating her rich and diverse body of work, this talk will explore filmmaking practices of writer and artist Salome' Lamas, testing the boundaries between documenting and creating. Other issues addressed will revolve around representation of memory and storytelling through images, as well as her approach to pre-production, and her relationship to the shooting and editing of her films.

Nico Marzano curates the film programme and runs the film distribution arm at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London (ICA) bringing a unique programme of independent and socially relevant films to UK audiences. In addition to his role at ICA, Nico is also founder and director of FRAMES of REPRESENTATION (FoR), a creative documentary laboratory and film festival founded in 2015 to promote presentation, production and distribution of new visions of cinema. Nico has been a guest lecturer at Birkbeck University of London, Kingston University, Falmouth University and delivered papers and keynote speeches for agencies and other international film festival forums across the globe.


2018-11-06 19h00
Documentality in the work of Salomé Lamas. Conference by Sara Magno

Drawing from Salomé Lamas´ most recent film, Extinction, this talk will introduce the notion of suspicion, firstly as a mode of inquiry that Lamas´ apparently applies to the subjects of her films; and, secondly, as a deep and pervasive sense of distrust that has been planted in our society alongside claims of veracity, truth, surveillance, detection, expectation, risk, and discrimination. Using the notion of suspicion, this talk will open an interpretation of the film reveling strategies of reflexivity and documentality that are present in the work of the filmmaker.

Sara Magno is a PhD candidate in Culture Studies both at The Lisbon Consortium, UCP, in Lisbon, and at the Department for Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen. Sara holds a Master in Communication and Art by the New University of Lisbon with a thesis on The Image-Document: Refigurations of the Archive in the Films of Harun Farocki, Hito Steyerl and Filipa César, 2014. Currently Sara is developing research on contemporary documentary practices in Portuguese context, as well as on the notion of documentality, based on the works of Michel Foucault, Hito Steyerl and Maurizio Ferraris.