Audio - When Art Becomes Data

Conference held at MNAC on November 9, 2018.

Moderators: Adelaide Ginga and Fernando Nabais Speakers: António Franco Dominguez, Aria Dean, Brian Mackern, Cristina Sá, Gustavo Romano, Nilo Casares.

«How to deal with art when it becomes a code file that can be infinitely replicated by successive databases organized in electronic sharing clouds? What does it mean to speak of original, copyright, exhibition, public, art economics, and conservation when the arts dematerialize so quickly and radically before us all? What if Plato, in despising artists, was completely mistaken and there were only shadows inside and outside the cave? What if it was all, after all, images built by our eyes, ears and skin after mental work stimulated by astrophysical, biological and social algorithms? What if there was really no world without humanity? »