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A private collection

Gerhard Richter

A private collection
This is the catalogue of the exhibition presented by the Museu do Chiado – MNAC, the first solo exhibition by the artist in Portugal. It consists of a series of 30 works that constitute some of the artist’s most representative paintings, belonging to a private German collection constituted by the artist himself, through which can be seen the multiplicity of directions that his work has taken. The series groups together works from all the chronological stages of his career, starting with Badende am Strand, from 1960, and ending with Abstraktes Bild, dating from 2003. Through this variety, this book constitutes an excellent examination of the diversity and richness that Gerhard Richter, one of the greatest names in international art of the post-war era, has manifested throughout his painting career.

Pedro Lapa
Possibility an fascination in Gerhard Richter's painting
Juergen Schilling
The painter Gerhard Richter
Alberto Ricca (design)

dimensions: 23 x 29 cm
pages: 136
images: 30
Color: C
Cover: Hardback and dustcover

publisher: IPM / Museu do Chiado - MNAC. Lisbon, 2004

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Publication Date
28 €  
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PT / ENG  
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